Exciting News

Tomorrow you get to see the list of 14 products from my March favorites πŸ˜€

Hello Everyone,

I am so excited because finally I am starting my monthly posts on my monthly favorites. I see everyone is doing this kind of posts and videos which I totally love! I think this is a pretty exciting idea. In this way we can get to know about many new products especially valuable products that are worth the money.

Β I love reading the posts about monthly favorites that people are publishing for years and also I watch videos of my favorite bloggers who talk about their favorite products. When I find something that I never tried before, I give it a try. Some works for me and some don’t which I totally understand as we have different skin types and preferences. But it is really interesting to discover good quality and useful products.

So I thought I should start doing that too, as because many of my page followers keep asking me about different favorite products specially my current favorites. So I think if you guys keep following my blog then from now you can constantly get an idea about that.

My blog post will be published tomorrow with a list of 14 products that are my March favorites! I am sure you guys are also excited about the list of the products. Few more hours to go and you will find my March favorite video in my You Tube channel along with a post containing a list of favorite products.



2 thoughts on “Exciting News

  1. I enjoy watching monthly favorites too! It is amazing to see how it changes throughout seasons and what new products we add to our skin care or beauty routines. All the very best for your series! ❀


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