Caudalie Beauty Elixir – Do I like it?


I never read any blog post, or never heard any You Tuber saying anything wrong about Caudalie Beauty Elixir. It is such a great brand and everyone talks all good about it. So I thought to try it and bought a travel size of 30 ml from

Now I want to tell you that surprisingly I did not like this product. The reasons are

  1. I found it smells very strong which was irritating me for several minutes instead of feeling refreshed.
  2. It felt like tingling all over my face for few seconds.
  3. Though my eyes were closed while I sprayed still I felt some sort of discomfort in my eyes for few minutes.

The smell of this beauty water is of  strong citrus and it felt too strong for me. I expected to feel refreshed but that did not happen at all rather I was kind of irritated and waited to feel better! Opened the window , felt a bit suffocating after using ! I am really surprised and just trying to figure out that why did it happened. If it is that bad then why I never heard anything wrong about it? If I never heard anything wrong from anyone then why it did not suit me ?

The ingredients of this product are natural and plant based which includes mineral oil and all ingredients I see here should be harmless and beneficial for skin. The only ingredients I do not like here is alcohol. Though alcohol used in skincare meant to work as antimicrobial and helps other ingredients to penetrate better into the skin but I think my skin felt irritated because of the alcohol. Using alcohol is a constant debate in skincare industry as it causes both good and bad for the skin.


Anyways I am happy that I did not buy the bigger bottle and got the small size. The experience that I got is from my first time use. I can surely say that I did not like it at all. But I will try it one more time and check if I find any different result. If I start liking it any time then you will find an updated post otherwise this is all my opinion.

Repurchase? – Never.

I would rather giveaway mine if anybody is interested to try or if it suits anyone really well.



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