It Was My Birthday

I do not know why birthdays still excite me a lot even though getting older is no longer a matter of pleasure. I think till the age of 25 it is fun to get older because the older we get our opinion matters more and our existence as a human being plays more value in the society. We are more productive and able to to serve our family and the society. 20 to 30 is the age range where a lot exciting things happen in life but after that crossing the age of 30 is kind of less fun. Life is more settled and more responsibilities are added. But it is also true that each age has its unique reason of importance , pleasure and happiness. We cannot hold time so that our age. That is why it is better to enjoy what comes with the flow of time. I do not like to count my age anymore rather I enjoy my birthday thinking that everyone is wishing me to make me feel special, getting me beautiful presents, surprises me and so on.

Every year I get different type of surprises on my birthday. It is very funny that each year my surprises come in such a way that I cannot even slightly guess about it. When I am home in Bangladesh the whole family plans to surprise in a unique way and when I am living abroad every year my husband plans something: he invite friends, present me beautiful gifts and shower me with chocolates, flowers and cakes. So these things keep him busy before my birthday and most of the time I feel neglected before the big surprise comes and that makes me angry so the surprise feels even bigger. You might be thinking I am silly enough to get surprised every year but the truth is …. he and our friends make stories in such a way that even I forget that its my birthday, then I feel sad and lonely but later my heart fills with joy !

This year it was a lovely day ! I had a happy birthday and my husband gifted me skincare things from Sephora ! He actually asked me before what I wanted as a gift and I said anything from Sephora. He knows I have a Wishlist every month so he wanted to know that. He picked some skincare from my Wishlist, basically those were in the top of my list. I am happy that he knows my passion and did his best to present me a wonderful day.

Let me know in the comment section below that what kind of birthday gift makes you happy?



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