Bio-Oil & Bio-Gel

I have a Persian friend who is flawless naturally. We used to go to gym & swimming together. I always used to wonder how she is so flawless all the year round. She is not much fan of high end products or you can say she doesn’t bother much if the product she is using is high end or drug store but she believes in quality and benefits. So I asked her one day about her beauty regime. She mentioned that she depends on just three products


2.Rose water

3.Coconut oil.

She said Bio-Oil helps her a lot to remove any scar mark, acne mark or imperfection. I trust her. Since then I have these three products always in my collection. But the thing is you need to be consistent with these otherwise you won’t notice the benefit.

Being pregnant some days seems to be great but some are a bit too hard! To feel better skincare has become my priority and I am trying to live in more #memoments . Skincare is one of my favourite part of daily routine but I am not that energetic all the time. But now as I am having some free days and trying to enjoy this pregnancy time , I am trying to focus more on skincare.Bio-Oil is famous for improvement of stretch marks, uneven skin tone which is a major pregnancy concern for many. It is also known to improve scar marks ! I love Bio Oil for the nourishment of my dry skin.

I am not 100% sure if Bio-Oil is going to prevent stretch mark for everyone because I talked to few of my friends who said despite of using this product regularly they still got pregnancy stretch marks at the end. But I still didn’t see anyone my body. I can tell you more afterwards. I believe every skincare product works a bit differently for each individual. Many skin problems are genetic. On the other hand, some products work faster on some people than others for many reason. So many factors can work here. But in general I can say it helps me to feel relaxed and comfortable. it helps to sooth and fade post surgical scars too. But of course you need to be careful and ask your doctor when you can use this type of external product after any surgery. In case of pregnancy it is recommended to start using the Bio-Oil from 2nd trimester.

Bio-Gel is another wonder product and I think it is their new addition. I bought it few weeks back and very glad with my purchase.This gel is amazing for specific rough areas of my skin !

Why I love this ? It is very lightweight and provides deep hydration . It needs in a very small amount ( less than usual cream)
and it visibly improves the rough and flaky areas.
It contains many great ingredients but two of these are my top favourite and that is

1.Sodium Hyaluronate


2.Shea butter.

So it’s a need for my dry skin .
Sodium hyaluronate works against skin aging & Sun exposer. Our skin naturally contains hyaluronic acid and when that disrupts for environmental exposure then Sodium Hyaluronate helps to compensate! Shea butter is another great hydrating ingredient! These two are key ingredients for my face & Body care ! .

I use it on my face sometimes but I have other facial care products so mostly I use it for other body parts like feet, elbow , arm , neck etc ! Just make sure it doesn’t enter the eyes or any broken part of skin !

Let me know in the comment below if you have used Bio-Oil and what is your thoughts on this product. if you haven’t tried it yet I really want to know if you planning to try soon?



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Hi there! Welcome to my blog 'SparklingBeautyBee' . Thank you so much for showing interest for my blog :) I am Sadia from Toronto, Canada. I started my blog while living in Stockholm, Sweden few years back. My blog is all about product reviews that I liked and sometime I let you know if I do not like anything about ! I also love to give tips on health and fashion that I know or have experienced. I am a travel person and art is my hobby. Being a doctor sometimes I need to stay away from these for a while but at the end of the day you will always find me here where I found my peace. So you will be reading posts on makeup, health, fashion, art and travel experiences. Hope you enjoy reading and for any business inquires always contact me

5 thoughts on “Bio-Oil & Bio-Gel

  1. Hi Sadia, I have tried Bio Oil and unfortunately I’m not a fan. For me is just mineral oil (main ingredient) and some essential oils. Yes it leaves you skin soft but is not adding any nutrients to it. Mineral oil is not bad, but does not add anything on your skin, only a feeling that softens your skin. The reducing scar claim I have no prove that doesn’t so I can’t comment on it. In my opinion there are better oils to help you to prevent scars and really add goodness to your skin like Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil or just plain coconut oil (is natural anc cheaper than bio oil).

    Have a nice day

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    1. Thank you for your comment. I have found that so many people are not fan of Bio Oil. I think about skin care products they always work differently for each individual. I have used palmers cocoa which is for hair but I could not love because it made my hair flat and sticky. May be that is for someone with more frizzy hair but I did not try their skin therapy oil which I might give a try. You are absolutely correct about plain coconut oil. I am a fan of that , it’s cheap and highly effective. Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate it.


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