PinkBlush Makes Fashion Statement With Added Comfort

During the third trimester of my pregnancy I started looking for a gown for my maternity photoshoot. I was looking for something that was going to be stylish without compromising my comfort and I needed a specific colour. So I kept searching on internet and found this brand PinkBlush where I found my dream gown. There will be a post upcoming soon where you can see all the details of my precious Maternity gown.

Today I am here in a collaboration with PinkBlush and this beautiful Navy Knit Draped Wrap V-Neckline Top that I am wearing is gifted to me by PinkBlush.

If you want to check this top please follow this link

If you want to check the Maternity version of the same top go to this link

If you carefully observe the colour of this Navy top then you will notice how unique it is. This type of navy is generally not available. It is almost like a stonewashed blue which is very rare. The material cannot be any softer. The design is very unique. It is in general very stylish. The material is warm to wear which is perfect for autumn and winter. As a winter wear this draped design is just so cozy and comfortable.

If we consider this top for pregnancy days then I would say it is just perfect to give the highest comfort to the bump. It will hide the bump in comfort and the way it will present the bump will look very cute. After delivery in postpartum days when the body is still not in the pre pregnancy state, this will cover everything while providing the ultimate style. Even baby will love to cuddle when mom is wearing something comfy. This top is open in front so if you are nursing it is very convenient too.

I love the fact that this website has fashionable attire without compromising the comfort. They think about all different situations of women and make them fashionable in any situation. They have special maternity clothing, Plus size clothing and clothing for women in general

I have done quite a few collaborations with this brand and each time I fallen in love with their gifted items. I have made some purchases by myself too and that is something I will be posting very soon. Overall this brand made me feel beautiful during my pregnancy and now that I am spending my postpartum days and I am still wearing their beautiful items. This Navy Draped top will be worn a lot during upcoming days and I will collect some more dresses for Autumn and Winter from this brand.

It is now officially Autumn and I went out with my baby for some fall shopping and grabbed my favourite Pumpkin Spice Latte. I was wearing this beautiful Draped dress, it was so comfortable and I totally enjoyed wearing it.

Another important thing is shipping. This brand is located in US but I can easily buy anything from Canada where I do not need to pay any extra tax and shipping takes just 1 or 2 days. The customer care is also amazing who responds promptly.

About the size of the dress just go through their sizing chart and the dresses are true to size. Only for long gowns they might be a little long for those who are not very tall but that can be easily made shorter according to need. The body measurement is true to size. Still if there is any confusion you can always ask the customer care and they reply in details very fast.

There are reviews available for most of the dresses and also following their instagram helps a lot to decide what to buy.

I have got a lot of compliments wearing my top from PinkBlush. Looking forward to be stylish during all Autumn and winter with this brand.



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