Our Story Of Pregnancy/ Maternity Photoshoot

Pregnancy is one of the most precious time of anyone’s life. So it is important to capture many of those beautiful moments as a precious memory to cherish later. Obviously pregnancy period has a lot of ups and downs. At one moment it feels like flying over the moon and the next moment it feels like there is no meaning of life. It happens because of the hormones and we have no control over it. this hormonal influence keep us constantly busy with all different mixture of feelings. Every single day comes with new surprises of pain and happiness. However, it is so surprising that our body can handle so much.

It is very important to schedule a special day for pregnancy photoshoot. Many of us may not desire to take photos during this time because of exhaustion and not feeling the best of our physical looks. Body sometime doesn’t allow to do much but trust me, set up your mind , find a day for photoshoot and just do it. It feels so great afterwards.

Personally I was feeling very lazy to do this photoshoot. In my mind I had a little desire but my body wanted rest and loved being lazy. My husband wanted to book a professional photographer and I was strongly against it. I was pretty sure that I will not enjoy getting ready for the shoot when the photographer wanted rather I would prefer to stay relaxed and take some photos on my own. My husband actually appreciated how I wanted it and took the pictures the way I dreamt it to be. We did our photoshoot ourselves with iPhone 8 plus and a camera stand. It was that simple.

Once we made a plan for the photoshoot by ourselves , I started looking for a beautiful gown and some specific pose. I searched on Instagram and Pinterest for professional maternity photoshoots to get an idea. I did not copy any specific photo but I got many cool ideas and applied that on my own way. By that time we knew that we were having a baby boy so I wanted to wear something in blue. It was hard to find a perfect blue dress because I do not like just any kind of blue on me but I was looking for a washed muted almost greyish blue that was going to compliment my skin tone; at the same time I was looking for something modest. While searching online suddenly I found a website https://www.pinkblushmaternity.com where I found my dream dress for the photoshoot. It was really very surprising that I found the dress exactly the way I wanted it to be. If you are looking for my dress then follow this link https://www.pinkblushmaternity.com/p-43930-Blue-Chiffon-Long-Sleeve-Pleated-Maxi-Dress.aspx?DepartmentID=1

By the way this blog post is not sponsored and this dress is not gifted to me. I bought it myself but later on I became the brand ambassador of this brand and have done few collaborations. I personally love their dresses. Material , color, design of the dresses along with super fast shipping and great customer service made me a permanent customer of this brand. If you are interested to read my posts which were in collaborations with PinkBlush please go through the links below.

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  3. https://www.instagram.com/p/B0tsJAvprvz/

Now let’s get back to the photoshoot. Usually photographers prefer doing maternity photoshoot after 30 weeks of pregnancy and before 35 weeks which means 30 to 34 weeks are the ideal time. The reason behind is that in maternity photoshoot photographers prefer to showcase the baby bump and before 30 weeks its not always greatly show up for everyone. During this time the bump looks round and cute but later in the pregnancy the bump becomes even bigger and not so pretty for a photoshoot. Another reason is that after 34 weeks body becomes more exhausted so it is better to shoot till the energy is there.

By the time I found my dress and felt excitement for the photoshoot I was 35+ weeks. So I was super exhausted after the photoshoot. We selected Edward’s Garden which is a beautiful botanical garden and very close to our home. There are so many beautiful photoshoot spots in Toronto but we wanted a place that was not too far in this late stage of my pregnancy.

I think we made the right decision choosing this spot. There was a cafe inside the garden where we had delicious BBQ chicken burger and had a relaxing time after photoshoot. It was only two of us so I had really comfortable time during photoshoot. We stayed in the garden for really long time, almost half of the day and did our photoshoot in all different lighting. There was a clean washroom available in the garden which is really necessary during pregnancy time. So there was all type of necessary comfort and I took as much break needed. The photoshoot was done as desired.

I am really happy with the final result of the photoshoot and I got so much compliment of my outfit. While doing the photoshoot several strangers who were super sweet, gave me compliments. I am thankful to Pinkblush for this beautiful dress which made me look confidently good. After I showed my pictures to my friends and family I actually got much compliments and I can’t even count how many people asked about my dress.

So finally I want to tell you that even if you book a professional photographer, you can still have a photoshoot day of your own. I felt that it was much more fun and relaxing to be just ourselves. Pregnancy is a beautiful time which is realized when it is actually over. So capturing different bump moments are must to cherish later, just for ourselves. We can actually always make our days special with a little thought and minimum effort which doesn’t harm anyone but make great memories.



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