Fall Favourite series : Makeup

This year Fall is all about nude love. Do not get me wrong; I am talking about the trend these days and my little extra attraction for nude makeup. Initially nude was known to be that colour which comes out as a result of the mixture of brown and white which turns in to beige but now many colours seem to have a nude version. For example we often say mauvy nude, nude pink, peachy nude. So the pale version of different pinks peaches and browns are referred to nude and I am in love with that.

In this post I am sharing with you all those makeup products that I have been loving for the longest time and still using almost every day during this Autumn season.

This year specially last couple of months a lot of new makeup products released from all different brands but I am not talking about those. New make up are the result of hard work through new innovative ingredients which I always appreciate but I believe that in the past some specific makeup products came in the market by some popular brands which are still considered gem and nothing can beat them. I have found some of those gems. I believe that even if you buy those products today, you will love them the most.

So this post is all about those precious makeup products that is in the market for a very long time now, but the good news is that they are often on discount in Sephora. People try to reach for the newly released make up products so often the previously released good makeups are on discount.

Foundation: My Fall favourite foundation is Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. In fact I love this foundation all the year round. I specifically love it during the Fall time just because it is very hydrating and looks completely natural. I have dry skin and during the Autumn the crisp air tends to make my certain areas of the skin flaky if I am not careful during picking my foundation. There are lots of new hydrating foundation but this one is very lightweight and natural looking so this is my go to.

Blush/ Bronzer/ Highlighter: Naked flushed is my most used and Fall favourite. The shades are just perfect to match my brown skin (for reference I am Nars foundation shade Tahoe, Mac Nc 42, Giorgio Armani Luminous silk foundation no 9) This is such a wonderful palette where the blush bronzer and the highlighter all matches my skin and I used this palette the most compared to any other blush, or highlighter in my collection. This palette is travel friendly because it has all three items along with a mirror in a compact package.

Eyeshadow: NAKED BASICS by URBAN DECAY is still my favourite. You must be wondering that why I love this such old palette when so many nude palettes are there in the market with great color pay off?

First of all, I love how small and handy it is. So it is very much travel friendly. It has 6 nude shades which includes a matte black which are just all we need to create so many different looks. This palette has one shimmer and all matte but still possible to come up with several day to night makeup looks if you know how to be creative. This palette can never make me confused about what look I want to achieve because there is not too many colour options but different shades of beautiful nudes. I love the buttery bendable quality of the shades.

Eye Pencil: There was a time in the past when I always used to end up with jet black kohl pencil with my eye makeup. But these days I barely use black on my eyes rather I prefer using a brown eye pencil. Sometime to add more dimension or prevent boredom I use a blue or green pencil. Past month and this month my favourite has been Urban Decay 24/7 glide on pencil in the shade WHISKEY and OVERDRIVE. Eye pencil of this brand is my favourite for my sensitive eyes.

Lipstick: It has been the longest time that I am unable to come out of nude lips. I feel like nude lips are always perfect. Back in the days I used to love bold lips and had a huge collection of vibrant lipsticks. Now I am all about nude lipsticks. But I have two of my top favourites and I wear them almost everyday with any outfit. I think these two shades never goes wrong with anything. Liquid matte lipstick by Anastasia Beverly Hills in the shade Ashton is my top favourite. This shade looks good anytime, anyways with any dress and in any situation.

Another favourite is the shade spice from the bullet lipsticks of Anastasia Beverly Hills. Spice is more like a base color underneath a lot of my lipsticks. I find that spice covers all discolouration and imperfections of my lips and on top whatever I apply looks really nice and smooth.

Well, even though I mentioned that I have two top favourites but I think I would also love to mention another shade of ABH bullet lipstick and that is the shade Rosewood. Rosewood is like a brick red which is very gorgeous. It is not my everyday color but I often wear it, specially during Fall it is just perfect with so many outfits. You can check this post where I am wearing the lipsticks that I just mentioned.

I also want to mention about Sugar Lip Treatment by Fresh Beauty in the shade Spice. It should have been added in my skincare favourite for Fall Season because it should bee considered as a lip care product but I want to add it here just because I wear it like a lip stain. This is such a pretty Fall color. Sometime I feel like this shade alone washes my skin tone a little bit so I prefer wearing it with a darker lip liner but this is my favourite lip stain which keeps my lips hydrated and pretty in this weather.

Highlighter: I have already mentioned above the trio palette by Urban Decay for blush bronzer and highlighter but I must mention about this highlighter palette which is GLOWKIT by Anastasia Beverly Hills in the shade SUN DIPPED. OMG this palette is amazing specially for the season. The highlighter in that Urban decay trio palette is Champaign shade where as this palette gives more options on the golden side.

I have so many different makeup favourites and recently I have ordered some new makeup items for the month of October and I am very excited to see if I find some more gems there. But these are my long time used, Fall favourite, brown girl friendly, golden and nude Makeup collection.


Let me know if you can spot your favourites in this post.



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