Sunset Inspired Eye Make Up

After my last Instagram post many people have been asking me for the details of my eye make up look. Specially when I posted the same picture in different girl’s group and other social medias, I have got several messages regarding the details of this look so I thought instead of answering individually so many times it will be better to share with you a post with all details. As you all seem to be interested about the eye make up and the lipstick so I am gonna write about that. The rest of the makeup is typical 🙂


So for eye shadow I have used my Huda Beauty electric eye shadow palette and I blended my crease with those two shadows that I have marked in the picture as 1 and 2. So first I went all over crease with number 1 and then on top I have used no 2.


To bring a little more dimension to this look I wanted to add some more darker shade in my outer crease area. So have added the shade called Parallel from my ABH Prism palette.


Then I cut the front half of the crease with Nars creamy concealer. Any concealer would do the work. After that I applied there my favorite single ABH shadow in the shade Chinese Rose that I have marked below. This palette is my self made palette with some of my favorite eye shadows.


In the lower lash line I have used the same shades again layering each other.

I have used falsies here. My favorite is Sweed Lashes. I have just these two in my collection and here I am using the one in purple packaging called OEIL DE BICHE. I have used this lash at least 10 times by now but they are still fresh and new and very easy to use !


That is all about eyes and for eyeliner and mascara you can use any of your favorite ! Mac fluid liner is my current favorite one.

For lipstick I have used my favorite combo as you can see in the picture. The studded lipstick is called RoseWood by ABH that I applied first and then layered it up with ABH liquid lipstick in the shade Ashton.


The blush and the bronzer is from hourglass in the shade Radiant Bronze Light and Mood Exposer.


I hope you enjoyed reading the details of this makeup. I am going to share to more pictures of this makeup. Please let me know your thoughts 🙂





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18 thoughts on “Sunset Inspired Eye Make Up

  1. Your make up is flawless! I’m still trying to perfect my eyeshadow application and applying lashes. What type of brush do you use to apply your highlighter?

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