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I am so blessed that I get so much appreciation for my blog posts all the time. My hard work pays off when it comes to my knowledge that my articles are actually inspiring so many of my readers. If I can leave a little sparkle in any of my reader’s life that is considered as a success of my blogging journey. If you want to read the first part of this post please go through this link

As a blogger and content creator for my Youtube channel I constantly work on my MacBook Pro. Being a blogger is a full time job and working on a computer all day long is quiet stressful specially it has harmful impact on our physical health. Prolong sitting position and having the laptop below eye level often causes back and neck ache. Gradually I have become more regular with my blog posts as the popularity has increased and as a result I spend more time in my computer. It is concerning me about my health as I need to sit a lot of the times bending my neck in certain position. Sitting in front of a reading table in the same position doesn’t always provide prolong comfort. For last couple of days after suffering from some aches and pains I started to think for a healthy option where I can maintain my health without compromising my work.

I am so lucky that when all these thoughts were running in my mind suddenly I got a gift from AnthroDesk.ca which is a Standing Table that solved all my issues in a blink. It definitely dusted my life with sparkle of happiness and comfort.

My desk is available in two different smart colours and I got the black one. You know that whenever I find black as an option for anything I go for that. If you want to have a look just check this ~ AnthroDesk : Standing Desk Converter- Black

In recent years our life has become more stressful due to massive competition everywhere and unhealthy options are better connected and more easily available in every step of our daily life. So we need to find the healthy lifestyle and be cautious about it.

Prolong use of laptop is unhealthy for our body but I have no other alternative rather use it for most part of my work. Keeping that in mind, I need to take in count other healthy options to compensate. This standing table is a great way to reduce back pain that occurs due to prolong sitting. It aids to improve posture. This table could be placed anywhere in the top of the desk or in the floor.

This desk is adjustable and has three different level of shelves so it gives varieties of options to find our best posture. This desk can be easily placed over some other high platform and adjust the laptop in any of the shelves among these three according to our height whatever looks comfortable. So many time it happens that I prefer to work in standing position and this particular desk provides just perfect level to keep the laptop screen on my eye level. If I prefer sitting in the floor still it is a great way to keep the laptop on eye level and work.

During work for longer hours I always prefer to keep my water, a glass of juice or a hot cup of coffee beside me and keep working. I often find it a hassle to keep that liquid drink around my laptop. Now this desk made everything secure, simple and easy. I keep my drink at the lowest shelve then laptop on the top of it, I mean in any of the top shelves. In this way I do not need to worry spilling anything on my laptop still enjoy my food. I often need to keep other files and books with me while working on my laptop and now I have a place for that too. This sit-stand desk converter has opened options for good health and more organized lifestyle for me. I can totally agree that it has increased my productivity by making my life much easier and happier.

Let me know what healthy options do you consider in you life?



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Hi there! Welcome to my blog 'SparklingBeautyBee' . Thank you so much for showing interest for my blog :) I am Sadia from Toronto, Canada. I started my blog while living in Stockholm, Sweden few years back. My blog is all about product reviews that I liked and sometime I let you know if I do not like anything about ! I also love to give tips on health and fashion that I know or have experienced. I am a travel person and art is my hobby. Being a doctor sometimes I need to stay away from these for a while but at the end of the day you will always find me here where I found my peace. So you will be reading posts on makeup, health, fashion, art and travel experiences. Hope you enjoy reading and for any business inquires always contact me sadiaaminmou@gmail.com

7 thoughts on “Leave A Little Sparkle Wherever You Go (Part 2) | AnthroDesk

  1. I was just thinking about this earlier – I am getting writers bum! Need to get a standing desk too. If I move to the kitchen bench and stand there I can’t write because I get distracted – need my room with door closed – need to stand

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    1. Oh yes this desk is actually a very innovative practical idea. You can check their website because they have varieties of options. Thanks for mentioning about kitchen and now an idea just popped in my head that I can use this desk in my kitchen shelf too I mean if I have my laptop in kitchen watching youtube or something I can place it in this desk which is a much safer option.

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