It is that time of the year when our skin is in need of special care. Regular scrubbing and cleaning is very important. Applying a good hydrating moisturizer every time after washing the face is equally important along with cleansing. I know that those who have dry skin like me have no chance to forget about moisturizer because the skin itself feels so uncomfortable. But those who have oily skin are lucky enough not to feel the dryness but unfortunately they often forget to keep the skin hydrated. Whether the skin is dry or oily without proper moisture there will be formation of wrinkles over time.

Today I am sharing my top favourite skin care products for this Fall season.

let’s start with face cleansers.

I have been using this face cleanser PURITY BY PHILOSOPHY for years now. I love how gentle it is to the skin and removes all the traces of make up. Sometime with really heavy makeup I need to use it twice but I am never left with any makeup on my skin. I love to remove my eye make up with this cleanser because it is non irritant and little goes a long way. I use it with my DUVOLLE face cleansing brush. I love this combo so much. You can go through my post where I made a demo of using this spinning brush with the cleanser. Check here

My favourite exfoliator is by ORIGINS that I have been using for about four years now. I never felt the need to change it or try something new because I love it so much. I posted about this product years back which you can check here.

Face masks are absolutely important to use one or twice a week to clean the pores, tighten the skin and make it blemish free. This year I have found some really good face masks that I hope to stick for years long.

SUGAR FACE POLISH BY FRESH BEAUTY can be considered both as a face exfoliator and a mask. I apply it on my face massaging in circular motion and leave it for about three minutes then I wash it with lukewarm water. it is a great exfoliator plus face mask which is surprisingly very hydrating. I use the ROSE TONER BY FRESH afterwards which is my absolute favourite combo. I hope you will enjoy my home spa blog and the video were I used these products. Check it here

The face mask that is the best mask ever and my best finding of this year is KIEHL’S TURMERIC & CRANBERRY SEED RADIANCE MASQUE. I do not want to say more here because I have a whole post of this product that you can check here

Just look at the texture ! How amazing is that ?

As a moisturizer I have been loving ROSE DEEP HYDRATION MOISTURIZER BY FRESH BEAUTY. After finishing the trial size I bought a full size and I will be repurchasing again.

Now I want to share a SECRET !!!!

For this Autumn season when I am in need of deep hydration, I found a great way to get the optimum result. I have started this updated new routine and hope to continue the same all through the winter. I use few drops of SEABERRY SKIN NUTRITION BOOSTER and JOSE MARAN ARGAN OIL with my moisturizer.

It gives me such a soft moisturized skin and I am seeing improvement in the texture. This routine is new but I am already loving it. I am so excited to see the results after few months of use. SEABERRY SKIN BOOSTER is supposed to be used 2 to 3 times per week which I follow but I use my ARGAN OIL every single night.

This year my another great find is BANANA BRIGHT EYE CREAM BY OLE HENRIKSON. I have only been using it during the day time under my make up at the beginning but now I use it during the night-time too. I love how it brightens the under eye area in the day time instantly and helps for smooth application of the concealer. In the nighttime I enjoy the freshness, moisture and the great comfort that it provides.

I cannot recommend enough the LIP SLEEP MASK BY LANEIGE. It is my absolute need of these colder months. The bubblegum sweet flavour is fantastic.

BIO OIL GEL or BIO GEL is a great find no doubt. When I first posted a picture on my Instagram I was so surprised that many people do not know about this amazing product. This is super hydrating, very light weight, little goes a long way. I am not a big fan of how it feels while applying, it gives a bit tacky feeling but it feels great few minutes later. I love the unique pink colour of the gel. A whole post is available on this BIO GEL that you can check here

Last but not the least I want to share with you a wonderful body lotion which is the best pick from WALMART. I highly recommend this body lotion for Autumn and winter. I have used many different body butters and lotions in my life but I will rate it to the top.

I hope you can find some great products for your skin from this post. Basically this Autumn skincare routine will be continued throughout the winter. I may update a little bit and I will let you know if any changes come in upcoming months. So until my winter post I will be sticking to this routine with all these products.

Please let me know if you have found your favourites among mine. If you have any suggestions for skincare please do share in the comment section below.



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