There is no strict rule to eat specific food in particular season but it is the vibe of the season that make preferences of certain food on top of others. As it is Fall now, I just wanted to share some of my favourite snacks & drinks of the season.

Even though at the beginning of the Fall the weather seems sunny and bright but gradually it becomes colder as winter approaches. Now it is already snowing in Toronto and nature is turning dull, changing it’s beautiful golden colour. These days all I love everyday is my cup of coffee. I am a coffee lover all the year round but during Autumn I just cannot live without it. Autumn coffee has to be a little different than usual. Yes I need a caramel coffee! I do not know how caramel is so much connected with Fall season. I can feel that caramel brings that extra cozy warm vibe of the season.

Coffee Time in a cozy Fall evening at home

I mix some caramel syrup on my instant coffee and just in a matter of second I feel all the comfort that I need in this chilling weather. I also love caramel spread on my bread. It makes such a tasty morning breakfast or evening snacks along with my coffee. I bought both the caramel syrup and the caramel spread from Walmart and I am sharing the links so that you all can easily find them if you are interested.

Just click Caramel Syrup

Just click Caramel Spread

I always love to have something sweet with my coffee and red velvet cupcakes are great addition here.

Yummy Red Velvet Cupcake from NOFRILLS

I know it is not healthy to have too many cupcakes but self pampering some times with a bit of sweetness is not a bad idea if you do not have any medical condition. Red velvet cake is my favourite but I don’t know why during Fall I find some extra attraction towards it. There are so many fancy places for delicious cakes but I love this small cupcakes from No Frills. Even though I order Walmart groceries online but I never ordered anything from No Frills online. There is a store close to my home so I often go there and grab what ever I need.

I need to mention another snacks that I have been loving lately and that is also from Walmart. I am talking about cheese and strawberry mixed puffs. It tastes so amazing with my caramel coffee. This snack is available in this link

favourite strawberry cheese snack from Walmart

I also love mini cheese croissants from Walmart that you can find here. Sometime I buy the butter croissants and make sandwiches with turkey slice. I really love it. Home made soups are amazing for Fall season. If you are interested to know what kind of soup I prefer let me know in the comment section below.

My favourite transparent mug from Amazon

I recently bought this set of mug from Amazon. This came as a pair. If you are in love with transparent mug and want to have one then click here. If you love making varieties of fancy coffee then you will love this transparent mug which shows up what kind of drink is inside. This is very stylish and comes with a warranty card. I am in so much love with my coffee mug.

I believe that whatever I am eating I need a good presentation and warm environment. During Fall I love to have candles all around and some golden cherry lights that gives such cozy vibe and in this situation any food and drink tastes even better.



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