Fall fashion is my favourite because it is all about layering up to become warm and cozy. This time of the year when the crisp autumn air embrace us, we call it sweater weather. At the beginning of the Fall, the weather is more warm and sun is still seen in most days but later in Autumn the weather is colder and often it starts snowing like it is happening this year.

I just posted my Fall Clothing Haul video on my channel that you can watch here below

Fall Clothing Haul ~ Fall Fashion

I have been collecting different pattern and designs of sweaters from the beginning of the Fall whenever something attracted me. I am so happy with my clothing collection this Fall and enjoying wearing them pairing up with my trench coat , sneakers and boots whatever is the demand of the weather.

Animal prints are so trendy now and I have been collecting varieties of animal printed dresses , sweaters , jewelries and what not !

I love the collections of PinkBlushMaternity for this Fall season. I have some beautiful Fall collections from this brand.

I am in love with my Grey Cheetah Hooded Knit Top that you can find here

This Brown Cheetah Print V-Neck Sweater is my most worn sweater. It is very comfortable, looks cute and the colour is my favourite. Find it here

This burgundy wrap front hoodie is available here. This is basically a nursing top. However, anyone can wear it, it is super soft that my baby loves to touch it. The colour is real burgundy. This is such a perfect everyday hoodie for Fall and Winter.

I have been eyeing this Magenta Double Ruffle Sweater for such a long time and my size was always out of stock. Finally the day came when a single piece became available on the site in the size small and I immediately ordered it. There are two things that attracted me about this sweater. First of all the colour and then the ruffled design of the sleeves; both are unique in this piece. This sweater is available here

This Zebra printed cardigan is probably out of stock by now. I ordered it just at beginning of the Fall and it was already almost out of stock. I bought it from H&M. The link is here But you can find the same pattern in different designed sweater in this link

I bought this gorgeous snake print midi dress from Walmart. This is such a comfortable dress and looks fabulous ! I bought it in person from Walmart and do not find it online. Snake print is so trendy and almost all brands have something in this pattern. So the easy way is to search for snake print in any page if you are looking for this patterned dress. Recently H&M brought varieties of snake patterned dresses that you can check online and in store.

In late Autumn when it starts snowing and the temperature goes minus for example what is happening right now in Toronto;I definitely need to wear this dress layering up with my winter coat. I love my coat from Zara that I purchased last year and it is totally on trend even this year.

Now I am going to share with you my most loved sweater of the season. Camel colour textured sweater dress is very much on trend now and I have been searching for one for such a long time. Finally I found it in Hudson’s Bay. in their website I found it from the brand Missguided and the link is here

I have collected few different Hoop earrings that I love so much and I find these very trendy. If you’re curious which hoops I am talking about then you need to watch the video above. I have mentioned all details in the video. If you watch the video in my youtube channel you will find all the link in the description box.

I will be so happy to see your Fall haul and any suggestions are highly appreciated.



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