Making wish lists are so much inspiring to me. Everyone may not agree with that but this is completely a personal choice. When I cannot buy something just at the time I want it, I make a wish list and that gives me some sort of peace of mind. Keeping something in my wish list gives me that feeling that I almost own that product. It is also fun to see later sometime that how our wish list changes. If I make a wish list and do not buy those products immediately, I have found that many times my mind changes. So it is also a great way to identify what I really like or need. If the products in my wish list remain the same that means those are something I really love and not just because I am flowing with the trendy vibe.

Today I will share my current wish list for luxury bags. But before that let’s see what was in my wish list last year. To know that please go through my post here

If you are curious about what I actually ended up buying from my wish list then you need to check my updated post here

The bags that I did not buy from my previous wish list are not anymore in my current wish list. I do not know what is exactly the reason. May be some other bags are more on trend now or may be my need has changed with age. What ever the reason is that does not matter. What matters is that my happiness. I am happy about the bags that I did not buy from my previous wish list and here I am today with a whole new wish list.

I do not know if my mind will change again , we never know that right? But of course I will update my post on my purchases. For now let’s talk about my present wish list.

GG Marmont small matelassé shoulder bag

I am in so much love with the brand GUCCI and want this bag to be my first luxury bag. I love the colour and the shape of this bag. This size actually is able to hold all my daily necessities.

Alma BB

This bag was not my favourite last year but this year I feel like I need this in my life. I even went to store to try on but unfortunately it is out of stock everywhere so I will be waiting for this bag. I am kind of confused which bag to get first in between this bag and the Gucci bag above. I think I will get the Gucci Marmont first and then this one if it becomes available.

GG Marmont matelassé mini bag

I love the style and the gold black hardware of the bag. This bag can be carried out with any outfit. I want the mini size because the medium looks quite big for my 5’2′ height.

Pochette Metis Monogram

This bag has been in my wish list for such a long time but it is so hard to find in the store. It is always out of stock in the store and online. I think you need to have contact with the sales assistant who will inform if the bags become available in the store. I wish to get it sometime if my luck favours.

Chanel Jumbo Flap Caviar

This is my top favourite but I think I will buy other favourites before this one. The reason is that I need to save a lot before I plan to get this one. This classic bag is a must have and I do not know when I can afford it. But as I said there is no harm to keep it in my wish list right now. This actually motivates me to work harder 🙂

Soho small leather disco bag

Now about this bag I want to share something. Few months back I was thinking this will be my first luxury bag but my mind already has changed and you can see my priority. Now this bag is at the end of my list. I actually love this colour so much. I am not so sure if I will get this one. I love it but some sort of confusion is there. Let’s see what happens with time.

That is all about my Luxury bag wish list. What do you think?



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