Summer Outfit Ideas ( Part 1 )

Swedish summer is unpredictable. Though it is hot during the day time but during the evening it becomes a bit cooler. It is wise to keep in bag a jacket or something to layer up in case you need it.

I will share with you several different summer outfit ideas.

Today I am gonna share with you a very casual outfit that is perfect for summer evening time , this outfit is appropriate for office, meeting any friend for a coffee time 🙂 or just for your regular outing. When you are inside the office, or restaurant you can just wear the top but I layered it up with bomber jacket while I am out in the street and it was the golden evening hour so I needed some extra layer.


I love wearing sneakers during the summer time !


Bags from Michael kors are my favorite. As I was just out to meet a friend for a coffee I preferred having my small Selma bag by MK. This bag looks small but you can carry a lot of essentials inside for example, mobile phone, a small purse including all cards, some make up and even a small water bottle ! But if you are going to work then a Tote bag would be just perfect.


This golden hour is my favorite ! It is the time when anyone looks gorgeous being sun kissed.

So here comes my outfit details below.


The top that I am wearing is from the brand Kaffe. I love their clothing selection. They have pretty nice colored tops for summer and the material is really good. This top that I am wearing is 100% Viscose and very comfortable to wear. I have chosen the color light khaki which is my absolutely favorite. You can find it at or

I layered my top with Wine color bomber jacket and it is from the brand Rut & Circle. I bought it from This is just perfect for summer days, very light wight with added extra style.

I am wearing a high waist black denim which I got from and it is the premium denim collection of their own brand. I love the stretching material.


I am more a black and gold kind of girl. I prefer some black in my outfit always. I love having touch of black in my accessories. During summer I love wearing my Cluse watch with its black leather strap for chic look. All details of the watch is available in this post


Lastly, I would love to mention my favorite MK sneakers in beige color. You can find them at or at I think they look gorgeous with many different outfits. I have been wearing them for several years now and they still looks new and comfortable.

my mk

Please let me know your thoughts on this outfit style and share with me how you are styling yourself in this summer.



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