Fall Favourite Series : Fragrances

Just thinking about Fall season takes me to the cosy world of imagination where I am wearing cosy soft sweater, sitting in my most comfortable recliner with a cup of hot caramel mocha watching Netflix and gorgeous fragrance in the air. In the storyline of my imagination another picture is getting lost in the beauty of colourful nature, putting on my stylish trench coat pairing with my favourite fragrance.

Now officially it is Fall. Nature is bursting in full of colors and Brill Communications added some more colors in my life in this beautiful Autumn by sending me a Gift bag full of fragrances. Thanks to Brill Communications and mcptri for introducing me to some new fragrances and I am absolutely enjoying them in this colorful season.

I am so excited today to share with you all these mind blowing fragrances which is totally worth trying.

Calgon Fragrance Mists

Calgon’s Morning Glory and Cherry Blossom mists are the perfect scents to escape into Fall.

Calgon’s Morning Glory
Calgon’s Morning Glory

Nothing can be more delightful than starting a cosy Fall morning by lavishly spritz Calgon’s Morning Glory on my skin. It is just that kind of smell that awakes the body and mind. It gives that positive spirit to start a beautiful productive morning and still enjoy the warm snug comfort of Autumn air.

Calgon Cherry Blossom Mist
Calgon Cherry Blossom Mist

Cherry Blossom mist is absolutely amazing for all the year round. It feels delicious in every season but feels more perfect during Fall. This delicious combination of the delicate hug of the autumn air and the fragrance of the mist takes me away.

Yardley London Fragrances

Yardley London autumn fragrances take me to the garden full of flowers this fall. I just cannot pick one because English Rose and English Lavender both are fresh and sweet that feels so perfect for a warm Fall date night or day out with friends while grabbing a cup of favourite pumpkin spice latte.

Yardley English Rose
Yardley English Rose
Yardley English Lavender
Yardley English Lavender

Rose and Lavender both scents are so elegant and always been my favourite. These perfumes smell very light but persist throughout the day. The sleek packaging is just made for my vanity.

J.R.  Watkins Body Oil Mist

JR WATKINS Body Oil Mist

I just get lost in this indulging and hydrating body oil mist. In this crisp Autumn air my skin needs long lasting moisture. I simply spritz this luxurious blend of vitamin E, citrus lemon and snipped rosemary all over my bare skin. Believe me it does not only make my skin glowing and smooth but also provides a beautiful scent that takes me to the most relaxed state of mind.

Let me know if you have any of these perfumes and if you can spot your favourite one. If all these are new to you then trust me these are worth trying.



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